The Employer Health Ownership Plan™

Changing the Way Employers Purchase Healthcare

The Employer Health Ownership Plan™ (EHOP™) is a healthcare purchasing strategy designed specifically to improve the health of the employee population.

With 75% percent of our current healthcare spend being directly linked with chronic disease, the EHOP™ seeks to identify employees at risk, engage them in their own health, and educate them about healthier habits. By utilizing a value based purchasing methodology, it is able to provide expanded access to primary care and preventive services focused on outcomes and improved medication adherence.

How the EHOP™ Works

Purchase primary care services from local providers

Most adult primary care services are covered by a monthly fee, replicating the financial model of an on-site clinic in which the participant has no cost share for these services.

Insure for specialty care and catastrophic health events

Your employees access specialty and hospital services on a fee-for-service basis, with patient responsibility specified by the plan's deductible. The EHOP's self-insurance platform ensures that savings from reduced spending return to the employer, while limiting overall risk.

Engage and incent in pursuit of better health

The EHOP™ engages employees in understanding their own health risks, and financially incents them to improve their health. Primary care providers are given a comprehensive dashboard of their patient population to help them be more proactive in coordinating care and achieving specific measurable outcomes.

Improve Health and Reduce Costs

By taking a practical approach to plan design and value based purchasing, the EHOP™ offers businesses of all sizes a deliberate, multiple year approach to health plan management. As decisions for health care expenditures come under increased scrutiny from executive leadership, the EHOP™ offers a common sense solution that focuses on specific outcomes and behavioral change, and can reduce healthcare expenditures by 15%.

Keep What You Save

For fully-insured employers, healthcare benefits are 100 percent fixed cost. You receive little financial benefit for encouraging wellness or reducing healthcare expenses.

With the EHOP™, only 30-40 percent of your costs are fixed. If you reduce healthcare spending, the savings flow directly back to you. You have complete transparency about your healthcare spending and can reap the benefits of any improvement in employee health.

Want to Learn More?

Review our Employer's Guide to the Employer Health Ownership Plan™ for more details about its structure and benefits. Contact Us and we'll look at your current policy and benefits to show you how the EHOP™ can deliver better care at a better price.