Introducing the Employer Health Ownership Plan

The Employer Health Ownership Plan™ (EHOP™) is a healthcare purchasing strategy that reduces costs and improves employee health.

Employers are burdened by the complex requirements and increasing costs of healthcare benefits. Now there is a plan to provide better benefits while controlling costs.

  • A plan that shows them how they're spending their healthcare dollars
  • A plan that saves them money
  • A plan that is easy to communicate and administer

How the EHOP™ Works

Pursue Better Health

The Employer Health Ownership Plan™ (EHOP™) is a healthcare purchasing strategy designed to improve employee health, reduce costs, provide needed transparency and use data effectively.

By taking a simple and practical approach to plan design, the EHOP™ offers businesses with 50 or more employees a deliberate, multiple year approach to health plan management. The EHOP™ is a common sense solution that focuses on specific outcomes and behavioral change, and can significantly reduce healthcare expenditures.

Engage and Reward

The EHOP™ engages employees in understanding their own health risks, improves lifestyle and medication adherence, and financially rewards improved health.

Keep What You Save

If you are currently fully insured, your healthcare benefits are 100% fixed cost, where that cost goes up each year. You receive little financial benefit for encouraging wellness or reducing healthcare expenses.

With the EHOP™, when you reduce healthcare expenses through improved employee health, care coordination and value based purchasing, the savings flow directly back to you and can be shared with your employees.

All healthcare expenses are completely transparent, allowing you to see how and with whom your healthcare dollars are spent.

Want to Learn More?

Review our Employer's Guide to the Employer Health Ownership Plan™ for more details about its structure and benefits. Contact Us and we'll show you how the EHOP™ can deliver better care at a better price.